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Tarian's Rescue

Madi Wright

When Gerda’s parents are taken and threatened with execution, she and her best friend, Ven, go on what they are certain will be a simple mission.

They set out to find a rainbow in the hopes that they can steal the gold at the end and pay off her parents’ captors. Instead, they find a group of leprechauns who, rather than gold, have a massive problem: The last of their species is about to descend into madness if the OverWatcher, the ruler of the kingdom, isn’t stopped.

Will they end the OverWatcher’s reign and free Gerda’s parents? Will they be able to learn the secret of the leprechauns’ untimely loss of sanity before it’s too late?

There's Always Enough Room At My Table

Miquel Hamilton

"It's the first day of school, and I'm lonely and scared! There's much too much room at my table!" It can be very scary to walk into the lunch room and not have anyone to sit and eat with. But, this problem is solved with some "scouting and scanning", and some "scrunching and bunching". The problem is that now the table is TOO full! Will there be enough room for everyone to come and sit at the table?

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Six Floors From Somewhere

Rachel Tolman Terry

Megan McCoy arrives in New York City with more than just a couple of garage sale suitcases. She's got her talent, her determination, her first aid kit, and her goodwill toward her fellow human. With an internship squared away and a room in a real NYC apartment, she's ready for success!

But it doesn't take Megan long to realize that making her dream come true might be a little trickier than she planned. For instance, her roommate Cassandra is a bit, um, difficult. Her internship isn't quite what she thought it would be. She quickly finds herself in the middle of a strange love triangle (or is it a trapezoid?). She even gets rejected from the church choir!

Can this Midwestern Mormon girl carve out a place for her life and her dreams in the Big Apple? Can she reconcile her generous nature to the demands of finding success in a highly competitive environment?

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Madi Wright

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